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Printing Product Advantage

MAXMA Advantages
People delight and enjoy in business with us because of our natural simplicity and reliability.
And there are 6 additional benefits. We call them the MAXMA Advantages.

Fast Responsive Capacity Utilization
about_m3Our production capacity is expanding as our global customer demand is growing.
And we always run one step ahead - put additional 10% capacity ready to fulfilling urgent demand increases.
That is, the capacity utilization is controlled at between 88% and 92%.

With 4 state-of-the-art production lines, we are able to supply nearly 1.5 million square-meter of printing plate to the world every month. There is a capacity of 150,000 square-meter ready at your call anytime.

This is our fast responsive capacity utilization advantage.
Customers can focus on their business developments comfortably as there is sufficient capacity backup from MAXMA. MAXMA has prepared the capacity for your growth.

Natural Reliability
Reliability plays an important role in our daily life and business.
Well friendship, transaction and cooperation benefits all come from a sound reliability between each other.
Today people spend a lot on making and maintaining the reliability.

At MAXMA reliability is a nature.
So it helps our friendship and cooperation with people around the world without spending reliability costs.
The MAXMA reliability is a natural result of a company of enthusiastic, ethical and professionally-trained true people.

We are very glad to meet you and make you an enjoyable business with our natural reliability.

about_m4On-time Delivery
Just-in-time supply is a critical capability in the highly competitive markets today.
MAXMA knows the importance for you.
On-time delivery is concerned as serious as an important part of total quality issue in our company.

To assure on-time delivery for you, we put plenty of resources and efforts in every node of the entire operation from production to transportation. It includes the following:
  • Stable raw materials supplies and inventory backup
  • Safe inventory for common and popular products
  • Fast responsive capacity utilization
  • High performance production lines
  • Efficient logistics operation
  • Reliable sea, air and land freight services
Happily we make 98% of shipments delivered on time.
And we keep making better.

Innovative R&D
People differentiate the products in order to make the potential
of more fun, ease, benefit and satisfaction in business.
MAXMA invests in innovative research and development that help to differentiate the products creatively.

By collaborating your marketing strategy and our innovative R&D power, you can make the plain industrial product a strategically-featured difference.

One of a kind or one of all kinds? Your strategic choice. We help you make it.

Uncompromised Responsibility
Among all the competition advantages, uncompromised responsibility is our most important root of business success and sustenance. It is also the most important reason why people choose MAXMA.

To take uncompromised responsibility for business and product quality, we record every move and deploy double-confirmation approach in daily operation. We work with the assistance of scientific test and measurement instruments, check the performance with numeral analysis tools, and make better from the previous error.

Get everything certain and responsible - no compromise. Let MAXMA take the responsibility of future for you.

Warm Services
The very unique humanity part of business is the services. Services are essential but usually intangible.
Similar as the air, water and light to the life. And also similar as a daily greeting to our families and friends.

MAXMA people provide services with sincere attitude and professional knowledge.
Our services turn the cold industrial products transaction into a warm and helpful live cooperation.

Products can be shown on the website, but services can be experienced in real only.
Call MAXMA and get the warm services