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TIGAX 14 International Graphic Arts Exhibition

MAXMA – NYMPHS, a noble revolution and innovative concept of fountain solution era.  Creating the green printing environment is definitely not enough only through the non-toxic inks and recycled papers. Normally, 3 major areas in lithographic printing process where harmful materials have been used such as ink, fountain solution and clean-up solution. Maxma have been devoting to be everyone’s Green Eco assistant for over 20 years. Eventually, we successfully release the Fountain Solution NYMPHS series in 2014.  NYMPHS is not only secure your property to avoid the fire accident but also save 10%~30% ink consumption while reducing rotation speed of dampening rollers. Furthermore, enhancing ink-water balance to optimize brightness of ink, saturation of color and drying effectiveness by lowering the inks and water feed settings.


MAXMA fountain solution NYMPHS can be worked harmoniously with almost all types of offset presses such as GOSS M600, KOMORI, HEIDELBERG, MANROLAND, KBA, MITSUBISHI, AKIYAMA, RYOBI...etc. No matter new or old machines, nothing should be changed, modified, and adjusted.