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Laser Cutting Overturns The Stereotype of Printing – Taiwan Packaging Industry Revolution


By Chien-Liang Wu / Updated Taichung

Formerly, both the color and black-and-white printing are plane. If you were to cut on a finished product, making cutting dies is a must. There must be some spaces between the cutting dies due to the way of die-making. This will influence the designer’s creativity and the style of the products. Luckily, the great development of laser cutting completely breaks through the long-established restrictions.
Being the leading country, Taiwan has introduced the Digital Laser Cutting & Creasing Machine from Israel. The finished products not only greatly impress experienced printing masters but also broaden the horizon of designers. With more delicate look than the handmade ones and much higher productivity (2000-5000 finished products per hour), the machine has raised the revolution within the printing industry.
Being the leading company in the printing field, MAXMA has always dedicated in innovation. Beginning of last year, MAXMA becomes the sole agent of Highcon Digital Laser Cutting & Creasing Machine. This elevates Taiwan printing industry to the same level as the most advanced countries. MAXMA and the well-established post-press company, In My Choice cooperated and invited the peer companies and held an event on the morning of July 8th. There were more than 150 people within the printing industry attended and witness the revolutionary time of the industry.
The first generation of Highcon Digital Laser Cutting & Creasing Machine was developed in 2012. Taiwan has imported the newest generation (third generation) of the machine. This combines laser cutting, creasing and online waste stripping mechanism. When finished printing goes through this amazing post-press machine, the all-in-one technique creates 2000-5000 sheets of fine products per hour. It significantly increases the added value of the products as well as satisfies the modern consumption habits of small-volume and high-variety with exquisite production. The leap is definitely a great benefit for both the plants and the consumers.
After attending the live demo of the machine, the representative of Visual Design Group, Ms. Zhan says, the designers were usually limited to the productions. It was uneasy to fully express their design ideas. Every time when they see the foreign finished goods, they usually are not upset because that their creativity or design is worse than the foreigners but due to the reason that there were no technological post-press machine in Taiwan. Amazingly, we now have the same level technique in Taiwan. We truly believe that this will gigantically increase our design industry with the fantastic Taiwanese creativity and culture. It will make the Taiwanese packaging industry and the cultural and creative industry meet and exceed the world standard. 

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