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Offset Printing∣ Making Process of Thermal CTP Plate and PS Plate

There are several steps you can take to ensure the best outcomes when using processing plates on printing machines. Here are the differences between processing thermal CTP plates and conventional PS plates.

How to process thermal CTP plate? Please refer to the below steps:

(1) Prepare CTP Plates.
There are lots of famous brands for Thermal CTP Plates- Kodak, Agfa, FujiFilm, MAXMA and so on.

(2) Computer output for images to put on platesetters to have laser exposure on plates.  Normally MAXMA Thermal CTP Plate uses 830nm for spectral sensitivity.

(3) After exposure, apply the plates with processors for washing out the non-image area on the offset plates. The processing dwell time and temperature might be different, but you can refer to our recommended parameters for MAXMA CTP Plates.

(4) Thermal CTP Plates are ready to put on printing machines for printing.

CTF & PS Plate
Please see the below picture for comparison in different steps.

Thermal CTP plates are applied with the platesetter and then exposed with infrared laser.
This is different from CTF(Computer to film) as there is no film used in this processing.