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Water-Based Coating Primer|Surface Modifiers

MAXMA Primer Solutions to join Digital Printing field

MAXMA is now not only dedicated in printing plates, but also involve in primer for HP Indigo, EPSON, Fuji and so on. If you have clients who are dedicated in digital printing for coating, I believe this can be their another choice.
Why MAXMA creates CLEMENT Primer?

◎ Due to the gaps in the current structure of the coatings market, which make us start our Clement prime project for providing more
primer solutions in the global market.

◎ Clement prime is a completed project of inline and off-line primers especially for digital printing such as HP Indigo and other types
of machines.

◎ Clement Prime mostly applies in digital press to improve ink receptivity, rub resistance for different substrates to enjoy better image quality.

◎ It also makes the workflow of digital printing more efficient for label, lamination and packaging presses.
Why you need Primer?

◎ HP Indigo plays an important role in digital printing. In order to improve the adaptability of printing substrates, primer is a key factor.

◎ The design of HP Indigo E-ink (ElectroInk) is different from other types of inks, primer is used to treat substrates prior to use in a HP Indigo Press for enhancing the ink adhesion.

◎ Water-based primers for use as a print receptive coating for digital printing. It lets difficult substrates like papers, synthetics, and foils to be applied with E-ink (ElectroInk), UV ink, water-based ink and toner more easily.

The Main Advantages of Coating Primer

High temperature resistant and avoid yellowing

◎ The substrates won't turn yellow after high drying temperature and long-term storage. Clement primer can increase the latitude of printing substrates (same as Michelman 1512 series) and greatly increase the drying temperature and speed to improve production efficiency.
◎ Suitable for clients who focus on image quality and large production capacity


Damp proofing

◎ After applying Clement, the substrate can be placed for a period of time before printing without affecting the coating results.
◎ Suitable for clients who have offline coating equipment.


Eco-friendly and Safe

◎ In a ventilated area and with complete drying using a high temperature, it meets the formaldehyde specification.
◎ Suitable for clients who apply with substrates for some parts of food and health care products.

Extend the life of the electronic blanket

◎ The ink does not stick back to the blanket, this can solve overprinting and ink jams issues, etc. Clement primer can also increases the color transfer quality and saves labor, consumable costs by the shutdown of the machines.
◎ Suitable for clients who purchase blankets at their own expense.
Design for Michaelman User and can be applied in medical industry (customized mask)

If you are using Michaelman 050,680,1512,4431, etc, you can consider to try our coating primer for processing.

There is one primer specially designed with low volatility for printing face masks and it enjoys big market share in Taiwan as it meets Taiwan's inspection standards.
MAXMA CLEMENT Primer Solution!

Please evaluate our primer series and directly contact MAXMA for further solutions.
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