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  • Plate Developer

    Plate Developer

    It features strong developing capability and stable performance. The dots of the plates it has developed are clear and thick with high resolving power, bright images and spotlessly non-image area, fit for machine and manual processing.

  • Ink Roller Cleaner

    Ink Roller Cleaner

    Completely remove the ink from rollers and shorten the processing time of color-changing to enjoy excellent printing performance.

  • Gum Arabic

    Gum Arabic

    Mainly used for the protection of printing plates, it also can be used in processor and reserved plate machines.

  • Fountain Solution

    Fountain Solution

    For both sheetfed or web offset presses,special formulated fountain solutions for printing with reduced IPA dosage, or even totally alcohol-free.

  • Plate Cleaner

    Plate Cleaner

    Our plate cleaner is designed compatibly with all type of plates, conventional, thermal baked, unbaked Imaged plates.

  • Ink∣ MAX Color Offset Ink

    Ink∣ MAX Color Offset Ink

    Suitable for offset sheetfed presses.

  • Ink∣ Solfree No solvent Ink

    Ink∣ Solfree No solvent Ink

    The use of highly dissolvable resin greatly expands the stability in high-speed printing.

  • Ink∣ Sheet-Fed

    Ink∣ Sheet-Fed

    Maxma offers a quality range of offset sheetfed inks, which is widely used in printers. These are known to have better fluidity, smoothness and also hold clarity of color and hue. Our range of offset sheetfed inks are tested on well defined parameters to ensure optimum quality in the final product.

    We cater these inks to all major printing, and publishing industries.

  • Ink∣ Web-Fed

    Ink∣ Web-Fed

    For wide range of Coldset and Heatset Presses running at various speeds.

  • Other Products

    Other Products

    If you couldn't find the products you need in our current website, please directly send us inquiry via email or phone.