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  • Sheet-Fed Printing Blanket

    Sheet-Fed Printing Blanket

    The MAXMA blanket HS3000 has been designed for mid-speed, high-quality commercial sheetfed offset printing. For top-notch reproductions, less plate wear and shorter make-ready times, it features an enhanced compressible layer that lends instant rebound properties and excellent smash resistance.

  • Fine Printing Blanket|Double Compressible Layers

    Fine Printing Blanket|Double Compressible Layers

    FH6400 printing blanket has the unique design of double compressible layers which provides stable quality and precise resilience. With the brand new technology, it has distinguishable feature of excellent ink transfer.

  • UV Ink Printing Blanket

    UV Ink Printing Blanket

    UV6600 printing blankets have been created for printers that require exceptional resistance to UV inks and washes. UV6600 is a UV dedicated blanket. It benefits from the latest EPDM blended rubber technology. UV6600 offers superior print quality and smash resistance. The blanket also performs well on absorbent and non absorbent substrates. It is suitable for UV ink systems and special / metallic colors are needed on a UV application.

  • Quality Sheet-Fed & Metal Printing Blanket

    Quality Sheet-Fed & Metal Printing Blanket

    The MAXMA blanket MS6200 has been designed for metal presses. Thanks to its closed cells compressible layer made of an exclusive rubber compound, it distinguishes itself through its excellent shock absorption characteristics, giving you outstanding register accuracy, minimized streaking and reduced gauge loss.

    Its micro-buffed, solvent-resistant surface allows for an excellent ink transfer that produces both precise halftones and full solids, resulting in outstanding contrasts.

  • Web Printing Blanket|Newspaper & Magazines

    Web Printing Blanket|Newspaper & Magazines

    The WH6300 blanket has been designed for high-speed web presses. It distinguishes itself through its sturdy construction, high mechanical stability and broad versatility, making it suitable for an extremely wide range of applications.

  • Universality For Precise Package Printing Blanket

    Universality For Precise Package Printing Blanket

    Designed as a strong all round performer, our FH7100 blanket combines both excellent print results and long-life performance characteristics.
    Its thickness, compressibility and printability have been controlled to a fine degree to ensure the same characteristics each and every time.