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Digital Primer∣ UV-Ink/Toner Use∣ DG-I

  • ♦ Overview
    Clement prime is a completed project of inline and off-line primers especially for digital printing such as HP Indigo and other types of machines.

    Clement Prime mostly applies in digital press to improve ink receptivity, rub resistance for different substrates to enjoy better image quality. It also makes the workflow of digital printing more efficient for label, lamination and packaging presses.

    ♦ Why we need Primer? HP INDIGO E-INK

    HP Indigo plays an important role in digital printing. In order to improve the adaptability of printing substrates, primer is a key factor.

    The design of HP Indigo E-ink(ElectroInk) is different from other types of inks, primer is used to treat substrates prior to use in a HP Indigo Press for enhancing the ink adhesion.

    Water-based primers for use as a print receptive coating for digital printing. It lets difficult substrates like papers,
    synthetics, and foils to be applied with E-ink (ElectroInk), UV ink, water-based ink and toner more easily.

    ♦ Key benefits
    • Water-based primer ismore eco-friendly
    • Optimal surface adhesion between substrate and ink (ElectroInk)
    • Prevent the absorption of the ink into the substrate
    • Increase dot-sharp color reproduction
    • Suitable for label, lamination and packaging presses

    ​♦ What makes us more special?
    • Avoid Yellowing.It shows no discoloration over time
    • Damp proofing with longer effects
    • Can be applied in-line and offline process
    • Enables a long life of inktransferring unit (blanket)

  • DG-M Primer
    • film
    • metalized film
    • foils
    • paper
    DG-S Primer
    • polypropylene
    • polyethylene
    • polyester
    • other synthetics
    DG-N Primer
    • face mask industry
    • medical industry
    DG-U Primer
    • flexo/gravure coating
    • Others
    DG-I Primer
    • uv ink use
    • toner use
    DG-W  Primer
    • water based ink use