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Other Products

  • ∣ MAXMA Printing -  Your Printing Friend!
    MAXMA's product portfolio from offset printing, flexo printing to digital printing for our clients can purchase in one-stop to save time and costs. 

    ① Printing Consumables
    Printing Ink series, Printing Blanket
    Relate Consumables & Chemicals
    Assisting Machine for Printing use
    Traditional Plates related series

    ② Prepress Materials
    Film , PS Plate,
    CTP, UV-CTP (CTcP) , UV Plate
    Digital ink and Paper series
    Related Materials & Chemicals

    ③ Prepress Equipment
    Offset CTF / CTP / UV-CTP (CTcP) Device
    Flexo CTP Device
    Inkjet Printing Device
    Used Prepress Device Trading

    ④ Digital Printing Solution
    Offset / Label Digital Printing Machine
    Post furnishing machine for Digital Print
    UV platform Inkjet Printing Device
    Color Management , Workflow Solution

    ⑤ Prints Projects
    Arts & Design
    Graphic Prints & Marketing
    Prepress output
    Commercial & Digital printing
    Prepress Plate Series
    PS/CTP/CTcP/UV-CTP Plate Adhesive Back Plate Plate Cleaner
    Plate Cleaner for Plate Reserver PS Developer CTP Developer
    CTcP Developer Protect Gum Thermal Baking Protect Gum
    Gum Solution for Plate Processor & Reserver
    Ink Series
    UV Ink Fluorescent Ink POP Ink
    Metallic Gold & Silver Ink Metal Decorating Ink  Invisible Ink
    Ink Additive
    Varnish Dry Pause OX Inkmate
    Ink Duct Rollers System
    Roller Cleaner Concentrated Roller Cleaner UV Wash
    Roller Cleaner (Paste type)
    Water Duct Series
    Alcohol-free Fountain Solution Fountain Solution Antifoam Agent
    Low-Alcohol Fountain Solution Fungicide for Fountain Solution  
    Water Duct Rollers System
    Molton Cleaner for Damper cover wash  Alcohol Roller Cleaning Agents Metering Roller Cleaner
    Blanket Series
    Meiji Blanket 9600A / 9700A SAVA Blanket Under Blanket
    Gauge Paper Aluminum Bar for Blanket Blanket & Roller Cleaner
    REVIVER for Blankets & Rubbers
    Other Series
    Germany Compressed Sponge SS Spray Powder Silicone Slipper
    Stainless steel Ink Knife Plastic Ink Knife Pantone color chart
    KNECO Spray Powder (80T/300T Hand Cleaner
    Related Devices
    Hydraulic press brake Blanket cutter Pile Turner

    You can direcly contact us for any product information!