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Flexo Photopolymer Printing Plate∣ Analog

  • Flexography
    Nowadays, flexography plays an important role in printing process and it grows rapidly.
    It provides the benefits for printing on a variety of different substrates like corrugated, film, foil, plastic, paper and board by using a wide range of inks.

    Flexo printing can enjoy high speeds processing with appealing quality. Most printers and print buyers have experienced a tremendous growth and technological advancement in various applications of flexographic printing.

    MAXMA ZEVK Flexo Photopolymer Printing Plate ∣ Product Description
    MAXMA ZEVK  provides a high-quality conventional photopolymer sheet plate to meet your needs.
    Our analog or conventional photopolymer sheet products are available for virtually any flexographic printing application and platemaking technology. 

    MAXMA ZEVK flexo plates have enrolled into the global markets with good feedback from our clients. 
    Our analog flexo plates are able to be other solutions for Dupont NEOS/NOWS, DRC,TDR,HDC and Flint ACT,FAC, FHC as well as Macdermid MVP, MGC and so on.

    • Wide exposure latitude
    • Perfect adaption to all commonly used substrates
    • Easy creation of dots with your standard solvent processing equipment
    • Developed especially for the flexible packaging market
    • Smooth plate surface can help customized patterns 
    • Excellent print resolution
    • High resilience and good resistance for delivering excellent durability
    • Very good ink transfer with excellent area coverage

    Flexo Plate∣Product Application
    ZEVK analog flexo plate is designed for universal use from corrugated box, multiwall bag, acetate film, brown paper and cardboard box.

    Especially suitable for flexible packaging, plastic film, paper bad, tag, label, napkin and so on.
    It also includes retail and shipping bags, food and hygiene bags and sacks, cartons, disposable cups and containers, envelopes and wall paper.

    Specifications∣Size and Packaging
    Please directly contact us for detailed catalog.
    Flexo Photopolymer Printing Plate ∣ Size mm (inch)
    1067x762 (42X30) 1067x1016(42X40) 1067x1524(42X60)
    1067x2032(42X80) 1270X2032(50X80) 1321x762(52X30)
    1321x1016(52X40) 1321x1524(52X60) 1321x2032(52X80)
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    • Phone & WhatApp: +886979010250

    Flexographic Articles and Video
    MAXMA ZEVK Flexo Photopolymer Printing Plate Introduction
    Type MAXMA Analogue Flexo Plate
    Plate Thickness(mm) 1.70/ 2.28/ 2.54/ 2.84/ 3.18/ 3.94/ 4.70/ 5.00/ 5.50/ 6.35/ 7.00 mm
    Durometer (Shore A)​
    • 35-48
    • 53-64
    Image reproduction​
    • 2-95%
    • 3-95%
    Minimum isolated line(mm) 0.15(0.006inch)-0.30(0.012inch)
    Minimum isolated dot(mm)​ 0.30-0.50
    Suitable Ink All water based and alcohol-based inks