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Plate Developer

  • Applications
    MAXMA Plate Developers are formulated to optimize your use of Maxma printing plates and the world famous brands' plates. With the wide tolerance, exceptional consistency and reliability, our developers can help you to save time, money, and costly resources.

    It features strong developing capability and stable performance. The dots of the plates it has developed are clear and thick with high resolving power, bright images and spotlessly non-image area, fit for machine and manual processing.

    Product Features
    • Fast developing to save your time
    • Compatible with world famous brands including AGFA,Presstek,Kodak and similar technologies
    • Can be used by hand or in a processor
    • Strong developing capability and stable performance
    • The dots of the plates it has developed are clear with high resolving power
    • Alkaline, no damage to the hydrophilic layer on the plate
    • Make image and non-image areas achieve water and ink balance
    • Low odor and  low supplement to have eco-friendly characteristics
    • Effectively decomposes the photosensitive parts during developing which avoid filter blockage
    DP-2 CTP Developer For MAXMA Thermal CTP Plates use
    DP-4 CTcP Developer For MAXMA CTcP Plates use (1:3-1:4 recommended)
    DP-6 PS Developer For MAXMA PS Plates use (1:4-1:6 recommended)