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Offset Plate ∣ Thermal CTP ∣ Double Layer

  • MAXMA ULTRA S-EP Thermal CTP Plate  is for offset lithography printing. 

    With our new-developing technology, the double-layered coating emulsion provides higher runs and sensitivity.It has combined with high sensitivity, anti-scratch and high resistance against alkaline chemicals.As well as the anti-corrosion, Maxma ULTRA S-EP has provided users with impressive impressions and image stability. 

    Due to high alkaline resistance and high sensitivity, MAXMA ULTRA S-EP is compatible with DP-2 from MAXMA or other common brands in market.

    With strong alkaline developer, its high alkaline resistance could still keep its clear image.
    With thinner alkaline developer, its high sensitivity could let the emulsion be washed off easily.

     ctp for uv ink- on press(6)ctp for uv ink-processing(5)

    ULTRA S-EP Thermal CTP Plate Features
    • Wide processing latitude and stable performance.
    -----Parameter adjustment not really required, this make the machines and chemicals easy to adapt.
    • UV-Ink Capable
    ​-----This high quality thermal CTP plate is not only suitable for UV ink, but also suitable for ordinary ink printing.
    • Greater resistance to chemicals and scratches
    -----Especially to alkaline and alcohol, to protect the plates from chemical and even electrochemical-grained substrate.
    • Stable formulation design
    ​-----Excellent coating and base flatness, which can easily to seen with the magnifiers (100-200 times)
    • Precise Cutting 
    -----Besides AGFA, FUJI, KODAK, MAXMA is famous for triming the plates to make it better and stabilize the operating process.
    • Excellent hydrophilicity to optimize ink-water balance
    • High sensitivity
    • Excellent dot reproduction
    • Longer impressions
    Common Size
    1030X770 1030X785 1030X790
    1030X795 1030X800 915X715
    925X740 745X605 670X560
    650X550 510X400 450X370

    For more information, you can learn more from our articles.
    Plate Type
    • Double Layer/coating printing plate
    • Non-ablative thermal positive CTP plate
    • No pre-heat required
    Thickness / Gauge 0.15/0.20/0.25/0.30/0.40mm
    Colour Blue colour
    Shelf Life 18 months under standard storage conditions
    Substrate electro-chemically grained and anodized lithographic aluminum
    Compatible Platesetter All the common thermal platesetter brands in the market
    Operation Term
    Safelight Daylight handling;No safelight required
    Spectral Sensitivity 800-850 nm infrared laser (peak at 830nm)
    Exposure Energy 110 mJ/ cm² 
    Resolution 1-99% @ 250lpi
    FM Capability 10 micron stochastic
    Developer MAXMA DP-2, KODAK Goldstar Premium, IPAGSA T9
    Replenishing Rate 90ml/ m²
    Processing Temperature 22-23 ℃
    Processing Dwell Time 25-30 seconds
    Run Length
    • 50,000-100,000  impressions (UV-ink unbaked)
    • 100,000-200,000  impressions (Normal-ink unbaked)
    • Above 1,000,000  impressions (baked)
    • Actual run length may vary according to press, ink and paper conditions
    Plate Baking 220 ℃ for 5 minutes
    Storage Conditions
    • Keep flat and away from immoderate cold, heat and humidity
    • Controlled enviroment temperature 15 to 25℃, relative humidity 60%