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Offset Plate ∣ UV-CTP(CTCP) ∣ Single Layer

  • MAXMA UPLUX 405 CTcP Plate is a specially designed CTP plate with a high UV sensitive emulsion coating that makes it suitable for UV CTP platesetters.  

    By boosting and broadening the sensitivity of the emulsion coating and by modifying the substrate graining architecture, UPLUX 405 Plate runs fast and excellently on the UV CTP platesetters of world's leading brands .

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    UPLUX 405 CTcP Plate Features 
    • High UV sensitive emulsion
    -----Unlike traditional PS plate, our UPLUX 405 has adapted high UV sensitive emulsion. You will be able to have a clear image on the plate.
    • Outstanding chemicals resistance, durability and wide latitude
    -----UPLUX 405 could be use in a diverse range of printing environments, including sheet-fed and heat-set web / cold-set web offset applications.
    • Cost effective, previous investment would not go to drain
    -----UPLUX 405 shares similar method of developing PS plate. Therefore, the prepress equipment could still be used. The system could still adapt RIP data, standard plate processor and related chemicals. 
    • Long run length
    -----The impression of UPLUX 405 could go up to 150,000 runs unbaked and 1,000,000 after baked.
    • Even electrochemical-grained substrate
    -----Excellent coating with first-class aluminum material and base flatness, which can easily to seen with the magnifiers (100-200 times).
    • Superb ink-water balance
    • Convenient daylight handling
    Common Size
    1030X770 1030X785 1030X790
    1030X795 1030X800 915X715
    925X740 745X605 670X560
    650X550 510X400 450X370
  • Introduction
    Plate Type
    • Single Layer/coating printing plate
    • Positive-working CTcP plate with optional post-bake for longer runs
    Thickness / Gauge 0.15/0.20/0.25/0.30/0.40mm
    Colour Blue colour
    Shelf Life 18 months under standard storage conditions
    Substrate electro-chemically grained and anodized lithographic aluminum
    Compatible Platesetter All the common platesetter brands in the market
    Operation Term  
    Safelight Handling under UV-free yellow safelight
    Spectral Sensitivity 360-420nm
    Required Imaging Energy 50 mJ/ cm²
    Resolution 1-99% @ 250lpi
    FM Capability 10 micron stochastic
    Developer MAXMA DP-4  or other common brands in market
    Developer Dilution 1:4 recommended
    Replenishing Rate 30ml/ m²
    Processing Temperature 25-27 ℃
    Processing Dwell Time 25-35 seconds
    Run Length
    •  100,000 runs (unbaked)
    • Above 1,000,000 runs (baked)
    • Actual run length may vary according to press, ink, and paper conditions
    Plate Baking 220 ℃ for 5 minutes
    Storage Conditions
    • Keep flat and away from immoderate cold, heat and humidity
    • Controlled enviroment temperature 15 to 25℃ , relative humidity 60%