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Offset Plate ∣ UV-CTP(CTCP) ∣ Double Layer

  • MAXMA UPLUX 4UV CTcP Plate, a mighty design as a CTcP system for an excellent resistance of UV inks. Product specifically designed for a variety of commercial printing and newspaper printing environments.​

    With the latest double layer coating technology, it provides both advantages of high sensitiveness and good productivity.

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    UPLUX 4UV CTcP Plate Features 
    • Consistent quality, solid reliability and wide latitude.
    -----Parameter adjustment is not really needed. UPLUX 4UV is very easy for your machines and chemicals to adapt.
    • UV-ink capable, incredible compatibility
    • Greater resistance to chemicals and scratches
    ​-----Especially to alkaline and alcohol, to protect the plates from chemical
    •  Even electrochemical-grained substrate
    ​-----Besides AGFA, FUJI, KODAK, we MAXMA Is the only supplier that trim (cut the edge of) the plates to make it better and stabilize the operation process.
    •  Extensive adaptability
    -----Being adapted to most of the platesetters, processors and developers.
    • Quick and excellent ink-water balance
    • First-class aluminum material
    • Convenient daylight handling
    Common Size
    1030X770 1030X785  1030X790
    1030X795 1030X800 915X715
    925X740 745X605 670X560
    650X550 510X400 450X370
  • Introduction
    Plate Type
    • Double Layer/coating printing plate
    • Positive-working CTcP plate with optional post-bake for longer runs
    Thickness / Gauge 0.15/0.20/0.25/0.30/0.40mm
    Colour Blue colour
    Shelf Life 18 months under standard storage conditions
    Substrate electro-chemically grained and anodized lithographic aluminum
    Compatible Platesetter All the common platesetter brands in the market
    Operation Term
    Safelight Handling under UV-free yellow safelight
    Spectral Sensitivity 360-420nm
    Exposure Energy  50 mJ/ cm²
    Resolution 1-99% @ 250lpi
    FM Capability 10 micron stochastic
    Developer MAXMA DP-4  or other common brands in market
    Developer Dilution 1:4 recommended
    Replenishing Rate 60ml/ m²
    Processing Temperature 24-26 ℃
    Processing Dwell Time 20-30 seconds
    Run Length
    • 150,000-250,000 impressions (Normal-ink unbaked)
    • 100,000 - 150,000 impressions (UV-ink unbaked) 
    • Above 1,000,000 impressions (baked)
    • Actual run length may vary according to press, ink, and paper conditions
    Plate Baking 220 ℃ for 8-15 minutes
    Storage Conditions
    • Keep flat and away from immoderate cold, heat and humidity
    • Controlled enviroment temperature 15 to 25℃, relative humidity 60%