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  • MEGA-WS térmico CTP placa

    MEGA-WS térmico CTP placa

    MEGA-WS Thermal plates are designed for fast, high-resolution imaging without pre-heating or special handling and high performance positive working thermal plate.
    It delivers exceptional quality and durability and advanced plate technology delivers you stunning printing result in all print application. MEGA-WS Thermal plates offers a high quality reproduction as well as consistent, predictable pres performance.

  • Ultra-EP térmico CTP placa

    Ultra-EP térmico CTP placa

    Maxma ULTRA-EP Thermal CTP Plate has combined with high sensitivity, anti-scratch and high resistance against Alkaline Chemicals. With anti-corrosion, Maxma ULTRA-EP has provided users with impressive run length and image stability. You will not see such high performance on other brands.

  • Artyong térmico CTP placa

    Artyong térmico CTP placa

    The MAXMA ARTYONG Thermal CTP Plate, who is carried up from years of experiences and trained upon matured technologies, provides quality consistency of the world’s class. ARTYONG works easily and reliably at wide operation latitude in imaging and processing. ARTYONG also runs an outstanding performance in the pressroom where it transforms dots enormously from digital to tangible. Most important of all, due to the nature of his matured characteristics, It roams in compliance with the most popular plate-setters, processors, chemicals and conditions in the world today.
    ARTYONG is not the world’s leader of advanced CTP technologies, but it is the best of excellent balance in competence, compatibility and cost. ARTYONG is not for extreme applications, but it is the best for majority.

  • Micro positiva PS placa

    Micro positiva PS placa

    The MAXMA MICRO Positive PS Plate is a general purpose positive-working conventional plate. It has been an essential material for printers everyday in the years coming along. It is as natural as breathing, as important as breathing fresh air, and as skillful as breathing fresh air deeply and calmly. MICRO has proved itself by the world-wide market coverage.
    Harmonizing the very basic nature, importance and skills of plate-making – MICRO Positive PS Plate.

  • Uplux 405 CTcP placa

    Uplux 405 CTcP placa

    The MAXMA UPLUX 405 CTcP Plate is a specially designed CTP plate with a high UV sensitive emulsion coating that makes it suitable for UV CTP plate-setters.
    By boosting and broadening the sensitivity of the coating emulsion and by modifying the substrate graining architecture, UPLUX 405 Plate runs fast and excellently on the world’s leading brands UV CTP plate-setters.