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Micro positiva PS placa

  • Descriptions
    The MAXMA MICRO Positive PS Plate is a general purpose positive-working conventional plate. It has been an essential material for printers everyday in the years coming along. It is as natural as breathing, as important as breathing fresh air, and as skillful as breathing fresh air deeply and calmly. MICRO has proved itself by the world-wide market coverage.
    Harmonizing the very basic nature, importance and skills of plate-making – MICRO Positive PS Plate.
    High Exposure Rate
    The speed of production is one of the most important factors for a company’s survival. Our PS plate, MICRO, has the quality of high speed exposure rate and easy for process which is vital advantages for our customers.
    High Durability and Outstanding Resistance
    MICRO has high resistance of alkaline; it could sustain the corrosive chemicals and deliver high impression up to 200,000 runs with unbaked and above 1,000,000 runs with baked.
    Wide Latitude
    Consistent quality, solid reliability and wide latitude are MICRO’s advantages. MICRO could be use in a diverse range of printing environments, including sheet-fed and web-fed offset presses.

    • Less required energy - faster and easier imaging
      --- Higher sensitivity and lower energy required comes with better productivity. And also prolong the life the laser-head. And also, it won’t matter whether your clients’ machines are old or new.
      --- Our MICRO plates is 30% faster than other famous brands plate in exposure speed.
    • Consistent quality, solid reliability and wide latitude. Positive-working with common parameter settings
      --- Wide latitude makes it very easy for your clients’ machines and chemicals to adapt.
    • Greater resistance to chemicals and scratches
      --- Especially to alkaline and alcohol, to protect the plates from chemical
    • Even electrochemical-grained substrate. Longer Run lengths.
      --- Excellent coating and base flatness, which can easily to seen with the magnifiers (100-200 times)
    • Quick and excellent ink-water balance
      --- Provide you the image you hope for.
    • First-class aluminum material
    • Convenient daylight handling

    • Package
      100, 50, 40, or 30 sheets / box standard package
  • Plate type
    • General purpose positive-working conventional plate with optional post- bake for longer runs
    • Applications :
      For both sheet-fed and web offset presses
    • Substrate :
      Electrochemical-grained and anodized aluminum substrate
    • Thickness :
      0.15, 0.20, 0.25, 0.30, and 0.40
    • Shelf life :
      24 months

    • Safelight  :
      Handling under UV-free yellow safelight
    • Spectral sensitivity :
      360 - 420nm (peak at 390nm)
    • Required imaging energy :
    • Resolution :
      1 - 99% at 200lpi
    • Recommended tonal step :
      2 - 3 steps clean on UGRA 1982 Wedge

    • Developer :
      MAXMA DP-6 (recommended) or popular alternatives
    • Developer dilution :
      1:3 - 1:8 (1:5 recommended)
    • Replenishing rate :
    • Processing temperature :
      23 - 27 degrees Celsius
    • Processing dwell time :
      40 - 20 seconds
    • Plate baking :
      220 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes

    • Run length :
      200,000 runs (unbaked) and above 1,000,000 runs (baked)
    • Plate baking :
      220 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes