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Artyong térmico CTP placa

  • Descriptions
    The MAXMA ARTYONG Thermal CTP Plate, who is carried up from years of experiences and trained upon matured technologies, provides quality consistency of the world’s class. ARTYONG works easily and reliably at wide operation latitude in imaging and processing. ARTYONG also runs an outstanding performance in the pressroom where it transforms dots enormously from digital to tangible. Most important of all, due to the nature of his matured characteristics, It roams in compliance with the most popular plate-setters, processors, chemicals and conditions in the world today.
    ARTYONG is not the world’s leader of advanced CTP technologies, but it is the best of excellent balance in competence, compatibility and cost. ARTYONG is not for extreme applications, but it is the best for majority.

    High reliability and versatility
    MAXMA ARTYONG Thermal CTP Plates are acclaimed to be reliable and user friendly. The versatility of ARTYONG has been proven by our customers who adapt web publication, commercial sheet-fed and packaging.

    Excellent of performance
    ARTYONG has all the qualities of reliability, high resolution, image accuracy, and repeatability which you would define as high quality plate. For an excellent Thermal Plate like ARTYONG, it will be required to deliver predictable results and consistency.
    Excellent ink/water balance translate to increased efficiency and minimized waste are basic requirement for ARTYONG Thermal CTP Plates. These plates deliver exceptional sharp detail and excellent consistency in both AM and FM screening applications.
    Compatibility, stability and productivity
    ARTYONG is fully compatible with most market-leading thermal plate-setters. ARTYONG has wide latitude of exposure and development, which establish its exceptional consistency in plate performance. The versatility of ARTYONG is only about its performance but also its competitively of world brands developer.

    • Artyong Thermal CTP Plate
      • Consistent quality, solid reliability and wide latitude. Positive-working with common parameter settings
         --- Parameter adjustment not really needed. Artyong is very easy for your clients’ machines to adapt.
      • Less required energy - faster and easier imaging
         --- Higher sensitivity and lower energy required comes with better productivity. And also prolong the life the laser-head. And also, it won’t matter whether your  lients machines are old or new.
      • Greater resistance to chemicals and scratches
         --- Especially to alkaline and alcohol, to protect the plates from chemical
      • Even electrochemical-grained substrate
         --- Excellent coating and base flatness, which can easily to seen with the magnifiers (100-200 times)
         --- Besides AGFA, FUJI, KODAK, we MAXMA Is the only supplier that trim (cut the edge of) the plates to make it better and stabilize the operation process.
      • Superb ink-water balance
         --- Provide you the image you hope for.
      • Convenient daylight handling
      • First-class aluminum material

    • Package
      100, 50, 40, or 30 sheets / box standard package.
    • Comparison Among MAXMA Artyong / AGFA / KODAK / FUJI Thermal CTP plate 
    Applications Thermal digital plates, commercial, positive-working, no preheat required, optional post-bake for longer runs.
    Gauge 0.15/0.20/0.25
    HRL: 0.15/0.20/0.24
    HRO: 0.15/0.30/0.40
    0.15 / 0.20 / 0.30 /
    Spectral Sensitivity 800-850nm
    (peak at 830)
    830 nm 800-850nm 800-850nm
    (peak at 830)
    Imaging energy 110-120 mJ / cm2 120 mJ / cm2 130-150 mJ / cm2 120-150 mJ / cm2
    Resolution 1-99 % at 250 lpi 1-99 % at 200 lpi  1-99 % at 250 lpi 1-99 % at 200 lpi
    FM Capability 10
    micron stochastic
    N/A 20
    micron stochastic
    micron stochastic
    Safelight Daylight handling  Daylight handling Daylight handling White : 1 hour
    UV-Cut : 2 hours 
    Yellow : 12 hours
    Shelf Life 18 Months N/A 12 Months 2 Years 
    Run Length 150,000(unbaked)
    1,000,000 (baked)
    100,000 (unbaked)
    1,000,000+ (baked)
    150,000 (unbaked)
    1,000,000 (baked)
    200,000 (unbaked)
    1,000,000 (baked)
    *The information is offered by MAXMA / AGFA / KODAK / FUJI website product brochures.  
  • Plate Type
    • Positive-working non-ablative thermal CTP plate, no pre-heat required, optional
      post-bake for longer runs.
    • For both sheet-fed and web offset presses
    • Electrochemical-grained and anodized aluminum substrate.
    • Thickness  :
      0.15, 0.20, 0.25, 0.30,  0.40mm
    • Shelf life :
      18 months

    • Safelight: Daylight handling, no safelight required.
    • Spectral sensitivity :
      800 - 850nm (peak at 830nm)
    • Required imaging energy :
      110 - 120 mJ / cm2
    • Resolution :
      1 - 99% at 200lpi
    • FM capability :
      Stochastic 20 micron

    • Developer:
      Maxma DP-2 (recommended) or popular alternatives.
    • Replenishing rate :
    • Processing temperature :
       23 - 25 degrees Celsius
    • Processing dwell time :
       35 - 25 seconds

    • Run length :
      150,000 runs (unbaked), above 1,000,000 runs (baked)
    • Plate baking :
      220 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes