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MEGA-WS térmico CTP placa

  • Descripciones
    MEGA-WS Thermal plates are designed for fast, high-resolution imaging without pre-heating or special handling and high performance positive working thermal plate.
    It delivers exceptional quality and durability and advanced plate technology delivers you stunning printing result in all print application. MEGA-WS Thermal plates offers a high quality reproduction as well as consistent, predictable pres performance.
    MEGA-WS Thermal plates with wild operating latitude; no preheat plate with optional postbake for longer runs. High quality medium it long run sheet-fed and heatset/coldset web aluminum substrate. Store plates flat in their packaging, away from excessive cold, heat or high humidity. Low-chemistry working. Run length-up to 200,000 impressions.

    • Application:
      ---  High quality medium to long run sheet fed and hottest web/ coldest web offset applications.
    • Coating
      ---  Electrochemical grained and anodized aluminum substrate.
    • Availability
      ---All size thickness 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, 0.30, 0.40 mm.
    • Packing
      ---Standard export packing
    • Shelf life:
      ---18 months
    • Storage:
      ---Under ambient conditions of 15~27℃ and 40~46% relative humidity.

    • High sensitivity.
    • Long developer life for economy and minimal enviormental impact.
    • Wild exposure latitude for stability and repeatability.
    • Long run-length capability- over 800,000 when baked
    • FM capable
    • Fast and simple processing
    • First-Class aluminum material
  • Plate type:
    Positive-working non-ablative thermal CTP plate, no pre-heat with optional post-bake for long runs.
    • Thickness :
      0.15, 0.20, 0.25, 0.30, and 0.40
    • Shelf life :
      18 months
    • Light Source:
      Infrared Diode Laser
    • Safe light:
      Daylight handling, no safelight required
    • Spectral sensitivity: 
      800~850 nm infrared laser
    • Required imaging energy :
      100~120(mj / c㎡)
    • Resolution:
      1~99% at 200lpi
    • FM Capability:
      Stochastic 10 micron, with UGRA / FORGRA Digital Plate Control Wedge and Plate Measurement
    • Quality control:

    • Developer:
      Fujifilm LH-P2WS
    • Replenisher:
      LH-D2RWS, LH-D2RS
    • Replenishing Rate: 
    • Processing Temperature:
    • Processing Dwell Time:
      20+/- 5 sec
    • Photosensitive Layer Color:
      Light Green

    • Run-lenth:
      100,000 runs unbaked ; 800,000 runs baked
    • Plate Baking:
      200 degrees Celsius for 5 Minutes