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  • Descriptions
    Designed as a strong all round performer, our FH6000  blanket combines both excellent print results and long-life performance characteristics. It is a hybrid blanket, which has been specially developed for use with conventional inks.

    Its thickness, compressibility and printability have been controlled to a fine degree to ensure the same characteristics each and every time. Its unique top face compound ensures first class printing quality. The highly compressible top layer allows the blankets to be used within a universal applications and thin paper.

    • Durable top surface
    • Special rubber compound has high resistance to swelling caused by printing agents based in mineral vegetable oils
    • Minimum thickness tolerance
    • High smash life
    • High and precise resilience due to special process
    • High ink transfer
    • Reduces lining  

    Attention :
    Before installation, please measure the thickness of printing blanket for adjusting the press accurately;
    While installation, please use the constant wrench to tighten gradually;
    After installation, please clean the rubber surface and ready for print;
    During work time, please often use special solvent to clean the rubber surface for extend the useful time. 

  • Printing Surface
    • Color:Blue
    • Surface:Micro-ground and polished; Solvent resistant 
    • Hardness (Shore A):76-79 Shore A
    • Water & Solvent Protection:Yes
    • Surface Roughness:0.90 – 1.10 μm

    • Compressibility:10% -18%
    • Compressible Layer: Compressible using Air Microsphere Technology
    • Fabric Layers: 4/3 plies (1.95mm / 1.70mm)
    • Elongation: ≦0.9% at 500 N/5cm
    • Tensile Strength: ≧ 4500 N/5cm
    • Nominal Thickness: 1.95 (standard) / 1.70 mm
    • Thickness Tolerance: +/- 0.02mm
    • Application: Universal, thin paper
    • Standard Widths: Any width between 300mm and 1,500mm